Nickname: Chi Psi

President:  Andrew Moak            andrewmoak18@gmail.com

Recruitment: Nate Pittman       nate.pittman23@gmail.com

National Website

Greek Letters: ΧΨ

UK Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards

-          Outstanding Chapter Growth (2017)

-          Outstanding Academic Excellence (2017)

-          Outstanding Educational Program (For our "Personal Self-Development Program", 2017)

-          Most Improved Chapter (2017)

-          Outstanding New Member in IFC (Individual Brother Award, 2018)

Chi Psi National Awards

-          Goodbody Award (2018)- Major award given annually to the chapter whose scholastic average compares most favorably with the all-men's average on campus and makes the best use of the programs of The Chi Psi Educational Trust's.

National History

Chi Psi Fraternity was founded at Union College in Schenectady, NY, on May, 20 1841. While it was the eighth Greek-letter society in the country and the fifth to originate at Union, it was the first to be founded upon the fraternal and social principles of a brotherhood, rather than upon the literary interests which existing societies emphasized. The ten founders were Philip Spencer, Robert Heyward McFaddin, Jacob Henry Farrell, John Brush Jr., Samuel Titus Taber, James Lafayette Witherspoon, William Force Terhune, Alexander Peter Berthoud, James Chatham Duane, and Patrick Upshaw Major.

The time of Chi Psi’s founding, the early 1840s, was a golden period of American history, falling two decades after the United States had validated its independence in the War of 1812 and two decades before Civil War split the nation. It was an age of renaissance for this young republic, and Greek influence was pervasive, even with Greek revival architecture emerging as the dominant style in campus buildings. Union College was the place to be then, and it ranked above Harvard in prestige. In such a setting, the problems of American college life, the question of association, and the perpetuation of friendships became important issues.

And so it was that in the spring of 1841, ten young men at Union conceived a higher ideal than any previous society had announced, and banded together, not as associates, but as Brothers, and formed not a society, but a Fraternity, on the 20th of May. One spirit pervaded the new organization, the spirit of brotherhood, while all the qualifications for membership were embodied in one word, "gentleman.”

Alpha History

Alpha Phi Delta of Chi Psi has been proud to establish itself at the University of Kentucky (Chi Psi uses the term “alphas” instead of “chapters”). In the summer of 2015 amongst a number of other fraternities, Chi Psi was chosen by the University to establish a colony in hopes of adding another successful fraternity to its Greek Life. Members from the national headquarters of Chi Psi arrived on campus in the fall to begin recruiting men for the founding father class. By the beginning of 2016, Chi Psi had grown to about 32 members. In addition to this, the proactive colony managed to host 3 of its own philanthropy events (notably our “Puppies and Fro-yo event”), partnered with numerous sororities to participate in philanthropic events and mixers, and began establishing our own identity on campus. That summer at Chi Psi’s 175th National Convention (2016), the UK colony petitioned for our charter in front of the national executive committee and almost 400 Chi Psi brothers from around the country, needing about 2/3 of the votes for approval. In almost historic fashion, Chi Psi’s Alpha Phi Delta managed to get the charter after only one year on campus, a rare occasion for any fraternity, and we did so with unanimous approval, something that had not been done in Chi Psi in decades.

Since then, the Alpha has thrived on campus, winning numerous Greek awards both locally with UK and nationally with our central office. Membership has more than doubled, and the Alpha continues to develop its strong and unparalleled brotherhood and philanthropy. Particularly, our “Puppies and Fro-yo” event has undergone a major transition to “Puppies and Pops”, where every spring it draws an enormous crowd of students and brings in thousands of dollars that are donated directly to the Kentucky Humane Society. Above all else, Chi Psi has established itself as an academically strong and overall respectable organization on UK’s campus that continues to mold gentleman of unmatched character.


Our mission on campus is to seek out men on campus who share our values and beliefs and welcome them into this lifelong brotherhood. We want to not only share in the memories and bonds we build throughout, but also push each other into doing the best we can, and helping each other evolve into the best version of ourselves as gentlemen. In the competitive Greek community at UK, it is our goal to establish Chi Psi as an elite fraternity of goal oriented, high achieving men. We hope to set ourselves apart from other organizations on campus through the “exalted friendship” that we share and the values that we hold dear. We hope to fully prepare ourselves for life after our college days have ended through “advancement in intellectual, moral, and social life”, cultivating in ourselves a strong sense of good judgment and fair­-play that will garner the respect of our constituency. It is our ultimate goal to see the day in which Chi Psi Fraternity becomes synonymous with excellence and distinction at the University of Kentucky.