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Recruitment: Aaron Blackburn      (864) 993-1610

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Chapter House address: 447 Pennsylvania Ave, Lexington, KY 40508

Awards and Achievements: Dean's Cup 2014

Major community service or philanthropy events

       The Main Event is an amateur boxing tournament where fighters from different fraternities compete head-to-head for 3 rounds of boxing.  In-between fights, each sorority competes in a dance competition.  In 2013, Sigma Chi sent $10,000 to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation to benefit cancer research and treatment.  Next year, the proceeds from this event will be donated to DanceBlue, which benefits cancer research at the Markey Cancer Center and the DanceBlue Kentucky Children's Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic.

    Derby Days is a week long competition between sororities involving different events around campus.  The winning sorority wins a date-party with Sigma Chi.  In 2013, this event allowed our chapter to send $12,000 to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

National History:

    One of the best moves the first six Founders ever made was to associate themselves with Founder William Lewis Lockwood, MIAMI (OHIO) 1858. He had entered Miami University early in 1855 but had not joined a fraternity. He was the “businessman” of the group and possessed a remarkable organizing ability. More than any other Founder, he was responsible for setting up the general plan of the Fraternity, much of which endures to this day.

    During the latter months of the 1854–55 academic year, Benjamin Piatt Runkle, MIAMI (OHIO) 1857, and James Parks Caldwell, MIAMI (OHIO) 1857, lived in a second-floor room of a building near Oxford's public square on High Street — now known as the birthplace of Sigma Chi. The Founders hosted many of the earlier organizational meetings of Sigma Chi in this room, and it was there that Runkle and Lockwood designed the badge. The White Cross was designed exactly as we know it today except for the letters "Sigma Phi" in the black center. They were later changed to Sigma Chi.

    Having been members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, six of the Founders were familiar with the general outline of fraternity constitution and Ritual content. They were considerably influenced by Lockwood, who had known little of Delta Kappa Epsilon or its differences. With all of their plans formally completed, the seven Founders of the new Fraternity announced its establishment by wearing their badges for the first time in public on Commencement Day at Miami University, June 28, 1855.

Founding dates:

National: June 28, 1855

Local: April 6, 1893


“In Hoc Signo Vinces”

Chapter colors:

Blue and Old Gold