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The Interfraternity Council and its chapters hold academic excellence as a top priority for all members. The Council has established a scholarship policy to help chapters promote academic excellence among their members. The Council looks to invigorate all of its members to perform to the best of their academic ability while taking their respective courses.  Our organizations take pride in collectively achieving grade-point-averages above the University All-Male average semester after semester.

Interfraternity Council Scholarships 

New scholarships coming soon!

Contact for any questions regarding the application process.

Kentucky Chapter Scholarships

New scholarships coming soon!

The following scholarships are given out by individual chapters. Each organization will perform their personal application and selection process. The Interfraternity Council is not responsible for the selection or delegation of awards to their recipients.

National Chapter Scholarships

Each year, thousands of dollars are offered by our chapter’s headquarters to their members for their unparalleled leadership and superior, academic performance. To review the nationally, awarded scholarships of the chapters present at the University of Kentucky, please click the crest or logo to continue to the organization’s scholarship page.


Per Interfraternity Council bylaws, if a person wishes to join an organization, they must meet an academic standard prior to participating in formal recruitment. If you are a person who falls below the grade-point-average requirement, you may submit a written appeal to the IFC Executive Board, explaining your request for exemption.

Your appeal must include all the following components. Failure to do so will result in your appeal not being reviewed until every portion is submitted.

  1. A transcript showing improvement in last 2 years of high school or college (if applicable)

  2. Professional verification of special circumstance related to poor academics (if applicable)

  3. A personal letter

    • explaining why you want to be a member of the Interfraternity Council community,

    • why are you currently ineligible

    • any significant challenge or change in your high school related to your academics

    • how will you become better in the future!

The Interfraternity Council Executive Board determination on your appeal will be final. Please email the appeal to

Click the “Academic Requirements” to review an excerpt from Council’s constitution referencing recruitment standards. Be sure to also check the “Frequently Asked Questions” link if you have any questions or concerns. For any further inquiries regarding the appeal process, email Nick Dobrozsi at


Nick Dobrozsi

Vice President of Scholarship

Nick is the Vice President of Scholarship for the 2019 Interfraternity Council. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio and has future ambitions of becoming a pediatrician. His current areas of study include majors in Chemistry and Biology, as well as a minor in Neuroscience. He has served in multiple positions of academic leadership throughout his collegiate career with his affiliated chapter Kappa Alpha Order and is excited to aid members in the Greek community.

Nick strives for the members of the Interfraternity Council to perform to their utmost potential in all of their academic coursework. His current focus while being a member of the Interfraternity Council is aiding new members in their scholastic endeavors and stressing the importance of academic successes early on during their four years at the University of Kentucky. He understands the positive implications that will arise out of a remarkable academic record. Nick, along with your advisor, is willing to work with any member who is in need of assistance regarding study tips, courses selection and any academic-related concerns.

If you need to reach to Nick at any point, his contact information and office hours are listed below. He is looking forward to working you during your time with your chapter organization.


  • Office Hours: Monday 2:00-4:00

    • Patterson Office Tower 518