Registration will open back up on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019 for men who are still interested in joining IFC chapters through continuous open bidding.


Kentucky IFC is excited and thankful that you are interested in learning more about how to join a fraternity. Registration for Fall 2019 Recruitment opens May 1, 2019. Men interested in IFC Recruitment must register by Noon on Friday, Aug. 30.

You may visit the chapter pages to learn about your choices of fraternities. Below you can find more information about IFC Recruitment, dates and eligibility requirements.


Parent Information

What does it mean to join a Fraternity?

Joining a fraternity means joining a lifelong brotherhood of men who will drop what they are doing to be there for you in your time of need. Greek life at the University of Kentucky will not only bring your son into an organization of strong-willed men who will be lifelong brothers, but it also brings them into a strong community that they will be able to build relationships and foster friendships through. Members of our fraternities hold themselves to a level that must be earned by their members, not given to. Therefore, our fraternity men work hard to make sure they maintain strong academics, a good image with the community and active campus involvement. They not only work to better themselves, but also strive to better those around them by being an ever present support system. This is just a short synopsis of what joining a fraternity at the University of Kentucky will offer to your son. For more information regarding other policies related to fraternity life, please navigate one of the following links below.

Expected Fees

In order to be eligible for Fraternity Recruitment the student must pay the $45 Recruitment Fee at the end of the registration form. The individual chapters have varying dues and fees in accordance with their budgets that are established prior to the school year. For more information on individual chapter dues, please visit the chapter's biography page and contact either the President or Recruitment Chair as listed on their page.

Hazing Prevention Policy

The University of Kentucky's Hazing Prevention Policy (Administrative Regulation 6:10) defines hazing a (1) negligent or reckless in nature; (2) humiliating or endangers an individual; or (3) unreasonably interferes with scholastic or employment activities. In addition to the University policy, the Interfraternity Council includes hazing in its expectations about member safety and endorses the University policy. 

For more information on the University of Kentucky's Hazing Policy and how to report hazing visit: The goal of the hazing prevention policy is to support groups in creating safe and healthy environments for members that are hazing free. The policy includes protections for organizations and individuals who report hazing.

Eligibility Requirements

Please be sure to meet all eligibility requirements prior to recruitment.  In order to receive a bid from an IFC organization during Fall 2019 Primary Recruitment, all potential new members must:

  1. Register for Recruitment

    In order to be eligible for Fraternity Recruitment the student must complete the online registration form. Visit here to register.

  2. Pay your Recruitment Fee

    In order to be eligible for Fraternity Recruitment the student must pay the $45 Recruitment Fee. The fee increases to $55 on Aug. 28.

    *Refunds can only be given for multiple registrations. It is the responsibility of the payer to contact our office (859-257-3151) to request a refund.

  3. Be a University of Kentucky Student

    All men joining an IFC fraternity must be enrolled full time at the University of Kentucky (at the beginning of the semester). BCTC Students are not eligible to join.

  4. Meet all Academic Requirements*

    The minimum established University of Kentucky GPA to participate in recruitment is a 2.5

    If you do not have a University of Kentucky GPA:

    Transfer Students: The minimum GPA for Transfer Students to participate in Fraternity Recruitment is a 2.5. This GPA will be considered if the student has taken at least 12 credit hours at any University. Please note that if you are transferring from multiple college institutions, we cannot combine GPAs so we will utilize the transcript with the most completed hours for your eligible GPA

    New Students: The minimum High School GPA to participate in Fraternity Recruitment is a 2.7 (on a 4.0 unweighted scale, per University of Kentucky’s determination).

  5. Attend an Information Session

    In order to be eligible for Fraternity Recruitment the student must attend one of the information sessions put on by the IFC throughout recruitment week.

  6. Attend IFC Convocation

  7. Attend White Hall Night One

  8. Attend your Rho Alpha Meeting


If you do not meet the GPA requirement, you may submit a written appeal to the IFC Executive Board, explaining your request for exemption. The information you can use for your written appeal is:

  1. A transcript showing improvement in last 2 years of high school (if applicable)

  2. Professional verification of special circumstance related to poor academics (if applicable)

  3. A personal letter

  • explaining why you want to be a member of the IFC Community,

  • why are you currently ineligible

  • any significant challenge or change in your high school related to your academics

The IFC Executive Board determination on the appeal will be final. Please email the appeal to