The Council is comprised of presidents from each of the 21 fraternities on campus, as well as an Executive Council comprised of 11 fraternity men. The chapters who comprise the Council consist of voting and nonvoting fraternities, the status of which are dependent on current standing within the Council. The Executive Council is composed of a President, an Executive Vice President, Judicial Board Chairman, VP of Recruitment, VP of Public Relations, VP of Finance, VP of Scholarship, VP of Community Outreach, VP of Interfraternity Relations, a Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff and bothare appointed by the IFC President. Each Vice President is able to form their own committees when deemed necessary. The Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff are in charge of leadership development of underclassmen interested in the IFC, particularly the Junior IFC. The Chapter Presidents and Executive Council work in close harmony to make decisions that better the life of fraternity men around the University of Kentucky.

The Council is governed by a set of values outlined in the IFC Constitution, including policies relating to membership, recruitment, scholarship, philanthropy, and many other topics the Council deems necessary to discuss. It can be read at the link below.